someone finally made fetty images

How did it take so long for someone to Photoshop Fetty Wap into stock photos?

by Wendy Syfret
09 November 2015, 4:55am

There are few things the internet likes more than a digital culture/hip hop mash up. From meme-moments like Surfbort and Kendrick Llama, to legitimate endeavours like Meow the Jewels, and obviously everything Drake has done since discovering James Turrell. But the love child of Fetty Wap and stock photos may just be everything we never knew we always wanted. Fetty Images is exactly what it sounds like: someone has photoshopped Fetty Wap into Getty image stock photos.

Always wanted to see Fetty sing at a basic wedding? Got it. How about running through a sprinkler with a bunch of teenagers? No problem. Need an affordable photo of the rapper in a board meeting? Here's one we prepared earlier.

We're going to file this in the, so dumb it's right, folder and thank the Internet gods for another day well spent. 



Text Wendy Syfret

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