introducing tayla: the sound of young birmingham

Her friends call her Tayla but you can call her Danger.

by Matthew Whitehouse
31 August 2016, 10:00am

We don't know a lot about Tayla. Partly because when we interviewed her we forgot to ask things like how old she is or who her inspirations are, but also partly because all you really need to know is she's from Birmingham, she's the singer behind the year's most thrillingly out the blocks debut Call Me Danger and she's absolutely bostin, alright bab? The video to that song is premiering in all its rickshaw-riding glory here and to celebrate, we had a nice chat with Tayla about giving a fuck, not giving a fuck and what a night out in Birmingham with her looks like. Have a gander below.  

Hello Tayla. We love your song and we love what you said about it being about "feeling 100% confident and not giving a flying fuck about what anyone else thinks"... What do you think we most need to give less of a fuck about in 2016?
I'm mad chuffed and humbled that everyone is loving Call Me Danger right now. The movement for it is crazy! But yeah, we definitely need to give zero fucks to the words "I can't", bad vibes and the past.

What do we most need to give more of a fuck about?
Yourself and everything else you love or love doing.

What's your favourite bit of Call Me Danger? We like the bridge.
It's so hard to answer that question but I would say the chorus. Only because it takes a step away from the verse and turns everything up a notch.

You're from Birmingham, home of Black Sabbath, The Streets, Jamelia... What has growing up there given your sound?
More of a rawness to it as well as a sense of pure hunger.

How would a night out in Birmingham with you go? Would we end up in Snobs at 2am again? :(
A night out in Birmingham is always wild! It always starts off with pre-drinks at one of my girls' house, drinking raw from the bottle or with chasers. Then a full cab of my girls and guys head to the club, still looking cute as fuck. Sometimes after the club we end up having an after party and then it's K.O!!

What else do you have coming up? Are you going to be touring anytime soon?
Yep, I'll be releasing my second single very soon and also will be performing at the next Sink The Pink Ball next month. Nothing but exciting things. Can't wait!

If you were asked to rank Call Me Danger by Tayla, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen and You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon in order of brilliance, who would win?
Is it biased if I said Call Me Danger?

Finally, what is the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
OMG, there are so many but the one that sticks in my mind is when I jumped out of a window without getting hurt. Felt like a bad ass that day!

Call Me Danger is available now on The Shooting Gallery Recordings / SYPM.

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