mmm yeah! novelist unveils joyrich collaboration

Twinning Lewisham with LA, the worlds of south-east London's ruff sound and Cali-cool collide for a special capsule collection.

by Steve Salter
10 June 2016, 8:15am

Fresh from sharing the shake-up for the senses that is ruff sound, spring/summer 17 sees the MC and producer collaborate with LA based streetwear brand Joyrich for the first taste of ruff fashion. Already known for splicing smile-inducing kitsch with luxurious streetwear, Nov remixes the familiar Joyrich beat with the bounce of his love of workwear and lyrical truths of his city's streets. "I knew that I wanted to design my own clothing at some point and my ideas went hand in hand with Joyrich," he explains. From the use of his well-loved bandana to pieces playfully emblazoned with 'mmm yeah', this capsule collection shouts Nov. Before it drops exclusively in London's EJDER, the Lewisham don talks us through his first steps into fashion as we exclusively share the Vicky Grout shot look book.

What's your earliest fashion memory?
My earliest fashion memory probably, when I first got a pair of Air Max 95s, my uncle bought them for me and I wanted them because he always used to wear them.

Do you remember the first time you encountered Joyrich?
I met the Joyrich guys in New York, when I went out there for Astrid Andersen's party about two years ago. It was a small encounter but we really clicked.

What sparked this creative coming together?
The thing that really sparked this creativity was my love of the way Joyrich use colours. I would go to my friend Ella Dror's office and look at the Joyrich clothes and she'd give me the ones I liked, and it got to the point where I just said to her, "I need to work with these people."

For you, how different is collaborating on a fashion collection to collaborating in the studio or booth?
It's no different collaborating because I would consider myself creative in that way.

What's the secret to a good collaboration?
Don't force anything. Experiment but be natural.

You're a storyteller, so what's the story with this collection?
My story is based on being a hard worker and remaining true to UK style, so the clothing looks like work wear but has that trademark sports wear look with it as well. When you look at the collection it gives the feel of being ready to get something done. That could be anything.

Do you have a favourite piece?
My favourite piece has to be the blue denim pullover. I don't know why but it's my favourite for sure.

How are you going to feel when you see this collection actually being worn on the streets?
Like a don because I know how I want to see things and to physically be able to look and see my vision in the flesh will be amazing.

Now we have the Ruff Sound Movement, is this the first taste of ruff fashion?
I definitely believe it is. The mandem love the garms and I'm sure the fans will like this style of dress. Not even specifically about the collection but just the style. 

What would a ruff fashion movement look like?
We'll have to wait and see.

Last season we saw you on the front row at Astrid and Nasir, will you be at LC:M again this season?
Yes 100% and even more so now. I've never lost interest in fashion.

What's next? What excites you about tomorrow?
My own music. Simply lol. 

Novelist x Joyrich launches exclusive with EJDER in London


Photography Vicky Grout

Ruff Sound