girls against give us their dream festival line-up

Earlier this week, we spoke to Emily Eavis about what Glastonbury is doing about the lack of women at music festivals (as well as that i-D cover star shaped hole on the main stage). Today, we speak to the very brilliant Hannah of the very, very...

by Matthew Whitehouse
11 March 2016, 4:46pm

Okay, we were asked to write up our ideal festival line up so this is how it's gonna work. The festival would be over Saturday and Sunday and there would be a main stage and an alternative tent. I'll tell you our two main acts for each stage over the both days, k? k.

Main Stage headliner: Grimes
Have you heard Art Angels? She's perfect, and that blog post about sexual harassment in the music industry? 10/10 ,we love her. Not enough women headline festivals and she is perfectly able to and would smash it  (also I didn't get tickets to her tour and really want to see her live).

Main Stage support: Peace
Peace are huge faves of Girls Against. They've been supportive since day one and we love them for that. Conveniently, they also make good music so it should keep everyone happy. Also I'm a Girl is a perfect analysis of hyper-masculanisation with a catchy chorus so ideal really.

Alternative tent headliner: Flume
To be honest, I would have him at a festival just so he could play that Lorde remix… and then Lorde would come on… and there would be fireworks. Yes, Flume for a Saturday night headliner and he would be joined by Lorde because she's cool af and their friendship is adorable. Do I really need to explain why I love Lorde if I'm a feminist?

Alternative Tent support: Shamir
We've already discussed just how great we think Shamir is but any excuse to talk about him I will take. Not only does he give no fucks about his gender, he also makes good music and I could see him in a packed tent with some funky lights behind him for On the Regular.

Main Stage headliner: Nicki Minaj
Are you kidding? Of course she would be there.

Main Stage support: FKA twigs
FKA Twigs or the love of my life? No one will ever know. First off, she's an incredible dancer and can you imagine her in a tent with all those lights? The show would be amazing. She's also an avid feminist and black rights activist who regularly discusses complex issue in her lyrics and art. She is able to do what we all want to and create something out of her beliefs which is beautiful.

Alternative stage headliner: Wolf Alice
Okay, so I may be a little biased but Wolf Alive are the best live band out at the moment. They make incredible rock music that's accessible to a wide range of people. Not only do they make music that doesn't fit with label ideals but they're also female fronted. Ellie Rowsell is possibly the coolest person ever and she writes empowering lyrics, what more could you ask for? Also can you imagine them all at Nicki Minaj because same.

Alternative Stage support: Charli XCX
Charli is another of our favourites at Girls Against. She's is a feminist who's not afraid of anything and we really look up to that. She doesn't just discuss the one topic either as she not only speaks up about worldwide female issues but also those of Desi girls which we bow down to her for. She also makes great music and has really great style.


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