​faustine steinmetz x cheap monday is the unisex denim collab of our dreams

The London-based designer has created a collection of intricately distressed and felted denim, tees and accessories.

by Bojana Kozarevic
07 April 2016, 2:22pm

The Paris-born, NEWGEN sponsored designer Faustine Steinmetz is one of London's brightest stars, having cultivated a following for her intricate and artisanal denim designs. Now her unique aesthetic is being brought to the high street in a collaborative unisex collection for cult youth brand Cheap Monday.

"The youthful spirit is important to this both in terms of inspiration and customer," Faustine Steinmetz says of the collaboration, a perfect pairing between the denim-loving brands. Cheap Monday's Head Denim Designer Carl Malmgren explains the process: "Our first meeting was around 2 years ago, we've always been inspired by Faustine's work and her creativity. When it comes to collaboration, it's really important to work with someone that shares ideals and values with you -- and not just collaborate because of the name. Faustine is really progressive with her work". 

Cheap Monday's cult status in cities around the world, with their music-led, punk rock attitude adorning the bodies of modern misfits, is continued in the new collection, with Faustine Steinmetz bringing a punk attitude even more to the forefront. "For me, Cheap Monday is all about the music scene so as soon as they started talking about this, I thought, 'Oh let's do something on music'. It evolved from there into researching and looking into a 1990s movement of Black Metal, based in Norway. We looked at amazing books and the looks of the time", she explains, adding, "I've heard that the singer from Mayhem used to dig holes and put his clothes in it so the mud would go on to the clothes".

Another rock element that echoes in the collection is one of Steinmetz's own experience, growing up in France during the Baby Rockers movement. "Kids would meet every Friday beginning at 6.30pm, and there would be very loud music, people just picking up guitars and rocking out. It was quite inspired by the Mods scene and a visually strong movement, so I was interested in exploring that".These inspirations culminate in a perfectly-curated unisex collection that brings out both Cheap Monday's and Faustine Steinmetz's rock and roll aesthetic, and simultaneously intelligent engineering of denim. A monochrome palette on rock-glam silhouettes brings out the distressed denim details and the luscious fabrics, such as merino wool felting. That the collection is unisex is another nod to the power of collaboration. Denim devil-may-care rock attitude -- one style fits all.


Text Bojana Kozarevic

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