i-D’s alternative london fashion week men’s awards

​London Fashion Week Men’s (FKA LCM) has come and gone and left us all in a daze. To help us make sense of it all we’ve divided it up into our very own, highly original categories and dished out the gongs for our fave fashion fings of the season. And...

by Tish Weinstock, i-D Staff, and Felix Petty
10 January 2017, 9:28pm

The Best Styling Award goes to... Christopher Shannon. 
Styled by i-D's own Fashion Editor Max Clark. What a genius!

The My Grandma Could Have Done That Award goes to… J.W.Anderson
Only she didn't. J Dubz did. In fact, he can crochet your granny under the table.

The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to... Vivienne Westwood
Who made a return to London on Monday for her first show in London in ages, and her first on the London menswear schedule full stop. However, in true Viv fashion, she showed both men's and women's, and the men were in the dresses. It was a tribute and celebration of everything fashion's grandest of grand dames does best; politics, punk, attitude, cool.

Matthew Miller autumn/winter 17

The Vivienne Westwood Award for Best Political Statement goes to… Matthew Miller
Whose all black everything collection on Saturday was half mourning for the turbulent political changes that we were shocked and saddened by, and half raised fist in defiance, his army of flag carrying boys and girls marching the way to a brighter future.

The Keeping it in the Family Award goes to... Casely-Hayford
This season fashion's fave father-son duo fully fleshed out their womenswear line and celebrated dad Joe's almost 30 years in the biz. Still going stronger than ever after all these years, and showing no signs of slowing down. There must be something in those Casely-Hayford genes.

The Award for Best Fashion Insider Joke goes to... Rottingdean Bazaar
For their Fashion East debut they attached socks, condoms, flowers and hair to clothes. This season, their presentation featured jewellery made of blu-tac, pieces of Ancient Egyptian cloth they bought at auction, and the piece-de-resistance, a display of fake care labels for garments featuring instructions like "Fill in the stripes on a Breton jumper with a marker pen." Very Margiela meets Pete and Dud.

The Award for Best Set goes to... Martine Rose
Who dragged the bright and beautiful and boisterous fash pack up to Tottenham for a show in the Seven Sisters Indoor Market and her triumphant return to the menswear schedule. She paraded her collection -- which was equal parts Roxy Music, Phil Oakley, 80s power dressing and subversive subcultural sexuality -- through the twisting maze of Colombian cafes, hairdressers and odd stalls. It was perfect.

The Bear Grylls Award For Practical Clothes goes to… Christopher Raeburn
Who ripped it up, remade it, recycled it, in beautiful fashion.

The Bobby Abley Award for Best Collaboration goes to… Bobby Abley
For his collaboration with Power Rangers. Following on from his Disney sweaters the young Londoner turned the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers into catwalk stars.

Art School autumn/winter 17

The Award for Best Choreography goes to... Art School
Who made an all-singing all-dancing introduction to the Fashion Week with a little help from the Theo Adams Company. Their show was an homage to all things queer and non-binary, and marked them out as this season's ones to watch.

The Award for Most Unexpected LFWM Guest goes to... Dele Alli
The Tottenham Hotspur midfield ace turned up at Alex Mullins' show on Saturday. Whatever next? Harry Kane at Sibling? Hugo Lloris at Christopher Shannon?

The Best Soundtrack Award goes to… Wales Bonner
For her Sampha created soundtrack featuring new music from the elusive singer. Grace could've taken home so many awards for her show this season that it's kind of unfair on everyone else, so as a compromise she takes home this one.

Charles Jeffrey autumn/winter 17

The Award for Outfit Least Likely To Be Seen at the Pub goes to... Charles Jeffrey
Whose Gary Card created plaster deities probably couldn't even fit through the door. You would be the coolest kid in the smoking area though.

The Really Really Nice Clothes Award goes to… Craig Green
What else is there to say about the newly crowned Best Menswear Designer at this year's Fashion Awards? Craig Green, maker of really, really nice clothes. We want it all please.

The Miss Congeniality Award goes to… Lou Dalton
Because everyone loves Lou Dalton!

Lennon Gallagher for Topman autumn/winter 17

The Albert Einstein Award for Most Ideas goes to... Topman Design
Who managed to combine (take-a-deep-breath) pubs, clubs, raves, psychedelia, techno, an homage to the canal boatman, an homage to Ibiza, and Lennon Gallagher into one cohesive show.

The Coat You Should Wear to a Job Interview Award goes to... Liam Hodges
For his collection, titled Dystopia Lives, and themed on "looking for a vocation in the end of civilisation." What better thing to wear to get that dream job?

The Newest Heart Throb Award goes to… Lennon Gallagher
A heady combination of Patsy Kensit's good looks and Liam Gallagher's unruly eyebrows, young Lennon has got it all. Recently signed to Models 1, the 17-year-old babe made his catwalk debut this season, walking for Topman Design, and everybody cried their heart out.

Sibling autumn/winter 17

The Incredible Hunk Award for Hunkiest Cast goes to... Everyone
Sibling and Astrid get special mentions, but so many hunky lads ruled the LFWM catwalk this season, you all deserve it.

The Collection Which Sent Us to Sleep Award goes to… Katie Eary
Taking nightwear to bed, bath and beyond, and redefining sleepwear for the perennially awake, Katie Eary's patterned peignoirs and cosy robes had us reaching for our pillows.

The Vetements Award for Aggy Dystopian Streetwear goes to... John Lawrence Sullivan
Gigantic boxy shoulders? Naturally. Leather trench coat? Of course. Check suit? Check. Yep, that's right John Lawrence Sullivan has claimed the title of king of streetwear kool as the Japanese designer (and former boxer) made a catwalk return. It was a total knock out. Demna would be proud.

Feng Chen Wang autumn/winter 17

The Sound and Vision Award for Multi-Sensory Experience goes to… Agi & Sam
Whose show on Saturday night was a riot of fashion, music, and staging, featuring Holy Other making music, Woolmark helping with the clothes, and Boiler Room live-streaming the whole thing.

The Jacket Potato Award for Best Use of Tin Foil goes to… Feng Chen Wang
Andy Warhol used it to cover the walls of his iconic Factory; Joaquin Phoenix used it to make anti extra-terrestrial hats in sci-fi classic Signs; and the whole world uses it to keep their jacket potatoes cosy while cooking. Indeed, throughout history, the humble homewear classic has enjoyed a variety of uses. And now it's finally found its way onto the catwalk (Well, sort of). For her autumn/winter 17 collection, Feng Chen Wang has paid homage to the iconic kitchen staple, with a selection of silvery looks. Whether it's a gilet you're after or a pair of half shorts-half trousers, there's something for everyone.

Phoebe English autumn/winter 17

The Get Yourself a Guy Who Can Do Both Award goes to... Phoebe English
First there was Handy Andy, then there was Phoebe English's handy boys. They sweep, they vacuum, they can tidy the whole house. Rumour has it they're not too shabby in the sack either. Somebody get these guys a hammer.

Most WTF Chill Out Mate Street Style Star Award goes to… that guy in the Fuck Everything T-shirt at the Boombox anniversary party. 
We can't believe we didn't make the list (but where can we get one?)

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