meet model muses emily and adam mundzic

Emily and Adam are clever, kind, and perfect proof siblings can get along just fine!

by Isabelle Hellyer
19 July 2017, 2:10am

There's something about dynasties that draws fashion in. We're attracted to the power of family, or at the very least, an enviable gene pool. In the states, social superstars like the Smith family — Lucky, Daisy, Pyper America and Starlie — have become campaign darlings much like the Hadid sisters. The more subversive duo Reba and Jess Maybury are London's favourite current muses, and in Japan, fashion's terrific sisters Yuka and Kiko Mizuhara shine together.

Closer to home, we find Emily and Adam Mundzic, charming siblings living in Sydney. Emily, the more cerebral of the pair, is a journalist, and Adam an artist. The pair reliably pop up in editorials here and there, having become favourites of well-placed stylists and photographers, though their own pursuits are what they're most passionate about. Emily recently returned from reporting in Europe, where she studied at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, while Adam is just debuting his first film.

"Emily always did have an input in things I do," Adam says of the relationship. "She's always been a tough critic to please. I've noticed it. If I have an exhibition, or an artwork that I'm doing I'll always get her to look at it and have her say. I can trust what she's saying is true. It's really helpful to have someone like that. Even when we were kids, I remember you'd help illustrate and colour in when I was too lazy to. She even used to do my homework for me." Emily defends herself: "Ha, homework was fun," and Adam counters "You were sort of the nerd... you still are [laughs]."

As children, the pair were close. "We're not far in age, so a lot of the things we did, we did together," Adam recalls. "We were a tight knit family. We would go rollerblading, skating, play video games—" Emily completes the picture: "and collect McDonalds Happy Meal Neopets, and stuff like that." As Adam puts it, "all the important things in life."

While Adam and Emily now live and work in Sydney, they grew up three hours inland, in Canberra. The city, often derided as drab and bureaucratic, was an oasis to the pair. "Growing up in Canberra, when you're a kid, it doesn't feel like you're missing out on anything greater, " Emily says. "You're always so close to nature. You'd get kangaroos in your backyard. There'd be blue tongue lizards and red back spiders in a bunch of autumn leaves. That seems so normal until you speak to someone who doesn't think it is!"

"It's kind of fascinating that people don't really know about Canberra, but that's where I was born and raised. For sport, we'd go to Parliament House and roll down the lawns, which were really pristine," she remembers, "I think that's illegal now."

And the secret to staying close to your sibling, without tearing your hair out? "I think we've continued to get along because we're really different," Adam says. Emily agrees, "Let's just say we learn something new from each other everyday. Wow, that sounds really cheesy."


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