secret cinema does star wars

We joined the Rebel Alliance in the deserts of Tatooine for the evening.

by Hanna Hanra
12 June 2015, 11:55am

Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far from central London, there is a hive of activity - a man in a home made Jabba The Hut costume chugging a bottle of Lucozade as we are ushered through some bushes to where we will, hopefully, leave earth.

Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is a fully immersive, once in a life time experience - initiated into the Rebel Alliance via a sand-hewn shipping container and under the watchful eye of a Storm Trooper or two - the audience, which is made up of Galactic Explorers, Mercenaries, X-R Wing fighter pilots, and a few homespun Jabba's - is led through various star ports; whisked off earth - and dumped on the dry and dusty planet of Tatooine.

Having had my "hump" (read - back-pack under a blanket) searched for contraband food and drink, it was a relief that we made it to Mos Eisley - the Moroccan inspired (sh! it's real!) market town where Luke Skywalker initially picks up droids C-3PO and R2-D2. This is where the Secret Cinema experience introduces you to the characters. I saw Ben Kenobi show two lads gussied up as very convincing Galactic Council members how to use a light sabre. I saw two young ladies in floor length robes on the receiving end of Lando Calrissian's gloriously be-caped charms, and I communed with the Ja-Wa, probably because with my hump and my cape and my lack of stature they thought I was one of their own.

After witnessing Chewing being chased through Mos Eisley's Cantina, and being served several Space Traveller cocktails by Wuher, it was time to board the shuttle to Alderaan - and without giving away too much about the Old Republic, it's safe to say that Secret Cinema have saved the best for last with a spine tingling, time travelling, intergalactic wow factor. Let's leave it at this: I, a grown woman, screamed and maybe cried a little bit. Having lived through a new hope, sitting down to watch The Empire Strikes Back came as a relief - although, it still took some time to come back to earth.

SECRET CINEMA Presents STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK runs until 27thSeptember 2015

Secret Cinema presents Star Wars from Secret Cinema Presents on Vimeo.

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