trippy new ysl video flexes goth-geisha with an oscar wilde voiceover

There's a lot of freeing the nipple under Tokyo’s neon lights.

by Charlotte Gush
20 June 2017, 10:34pm

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

Argentinian model Mica Arganaraz plays a neon-lit goth-geisha, and a stylish commuter running away from a masked warrior on the Tokyo underground in the trippy new video from Anthony Vaccarello's YSL. Directed again by Nathalie Canguilhem (who last season she shot Charlotte Gainsbourg strutting moodily in a car park), this time the film has a Gaspar Noé x Enter The Void vibe, with flashing neons, whirling street scenes, freed nipples, men laid prostrate on the floor, and couples kissing.

Amping up the eery-sexy vibe is a slightly robotic, American-accented voice reading Oscar Wilde's Her Voice, a love poem that includes lines like, "The wild bee reels from bough to bough / With his furry coat and his gauzy wing" and, "I have my beauty, you your art / Nay, do not start / One world was not enough for two / Like me and you".

The film is for both the women's and men's winter 17 collections, and also stars long-time Vaccarello muse Anja Rubik, new favourite Adut Akesh, Dalibor Urosevic and Paul Manniez.

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