publique: music to... feast

Emergent Australian punk outfit Publique offer a luxe mix to soundtrack your finest culinary experiences.

by VICE Staff
03 August 2017, 6:55am

Publique are a very good Australian post punk outfit who won our affections earlier this year with their fantastic debut LP Outlying Self. It's punk with pop sensibilities, catchy and defiant and now. The band is usually split between Sydney and Melbourne, but in a couple weeks time, they'll all be in the same place to play Volumes Festival — exciting stuff. To get warmed up, we asked them to whip up a quick mix worthy of a Michelin star. Press play, and keep reading to get to know the boys.

Music to shift your mood from staying in to staying up all night... Saint Angel, Goldie
Music to kiss and make up to... Unmasked (Full Album), Kiss
Music to heal a broken heart... My Way, Limp Bizkit
Music to change your night from mediocre to magnificent... Cocaine, Eric Clapton
Music to take a long drive to... Just A Car Crash Away, Marylin Manson
Music to walk down the aisle to... You Should Leave Him, Tyrannamen
Music you'd like played at your funeral... You Suffer, Napalm Death (Quick funeral.)
Music to have sex to... Let Me Love You, Mario
Music to celebrate your birthday to... Life is Pain, Merauder
Music to make even the wallflowers dance... FTS, Showtek / Big Bone Bitch, Zanzibar Chanel
Music that could put even an insomniac to sleep... Watching It Unfold, Lawrence English

Publique will be performing alongside Lucy Cliche, Terry, RVG and more on the Noisey Stage at Volumes Festival on August 19th. Tickets here.


Lead photography Jimmy Neuman
Thumbnail Jess De Mercurio

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