levi's 501 ct, your new perfect jean, is available in australia now

This time they've done the tapering for you.

by i-D Team
30 January 2015, 1:44am

Ladies 501 CT

If you're like 98 percent of the planet and have spent a good portion of your life in your favourite pair of 501s, the release of the new customised and tapered 501 is good news. Essentially, in response to the popularity of d.i.y taper jobs, Levi's got your memo and have done the work for you, tapering the leg from knee to ankle for a closer, more flattering fit. The idea is that you wear them as a slim, regular or relaxed for three unique takes on the theme.

Mens 501 CT

Mens and ladies styles in various washes are available in Australian stores now and a specially designed, premium capsule collection will also be released via Net-A-Porter in March. 

levi's 501 ct