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Meet the whiskey loving Detroit boy with a falsetto as beautiful as his beard.

by Francesca Dunn
02 April 2015, 12:33am

Christian Berishaj sat down one night cradling a delicious and nutritious Jameson whiskey and racking his brains for an artist name. Getting nowhere fast, he gazed downwards, a solitary tear of frustration probably on the cusp of running down his cheek when he spotted his drink and everything fell into place. Now better known as JMSN, the handsome 25-year-old singer-songwriter was born and raised in Detroit before moving to LA five years ago to immerse himself the music scene. With an impressive falsetto scoring him frequent comparisons to old school Justin Timberlake and an equally as impressive head (and face) of hair leaving audiences thinking they may well have just witnessed the second coming, it's safe to say that he's going down a treat. Having dropped a third LP, The Blue Album, and just set off on his extensive American Boy European Tour, we look forward to experiencing his sexy self-produced, self-released RnB first hand. Thanks to Instagram, we know that Christian has a lot of love for his dog, religious iconography, and model Winnie Harlow who stars in one of his music videos. Keen to learn more, we got to know JMSN a little better ahead of tonight's London show.

2 things you didn't know about LA before moving there…
1. How good the Mexican food was.
2. How bad the traffic was.

4 ultimate Detroit exports…
I feel like these artists represent the soul of Detroit. The outcasts of 'genre' and 'cool':
1. White Stripes
2. Eminem
3. Kid Rock
4. J Dilla

6 all-time greatest RnB tracks…
1. Lauryn Hill, Sweetest Thing

2. Alicia Keys, If I Ain't Got You

3. Janet Jackson, I Get So Lonely

4. Ginuwine, Anxious

5. R. Kelly, Feelin On Yo Booty

6. T-Pain, I'm Sprung

8 fun facts about yourself…
1. When I'm sober I'm asexual.
2. When I'm drunk I'm a bisexual girl named Christina.
3. When I'm not on tour I drink heavily.
4. When I'm on tour I chew tobacco because I can't drink heavily.
5. I don't have a TV.
6. I drive an old green pick up truck.
7. I hand package and send out all JMSN merch orders.
8. I have a dog named A.

JMSN plays London's Ace Hotel on 1st April. Further tour dates available here


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