heart people are the new band about to light up your life

The Sydney two-piece are working on a game-changing album and we’re premiering the stunning music video for their first song on i-D now.

by Briony Wright
11 March 2015, 9:00am

Photography Byron Spencer

Heart People are an exciting new band comprised of Ryan Grieve of Canyons DJs fame and model and all-round talented creative spirit Rachel Rutt. The duo are about to unleash their music on the world with their first track Blue Star, which melds electronic elements with world-type beats and ambient soundscapes to create a song as mesmerising and moody as it is catchy. i-D Australia worked with the band on the song's incredible music video. Our AU/NZ fashion editor Britt McCamey and artist Fraser Anderson worked with Tim Devine at DT Creative Technology Agency along with Intel and Lenovo on a unique piece of wearable technology for Rachel and the band headed into South Australia's 'Painted Desert' with Joy Collective filmmakers to capture some collaborative magic. Here we speak to them about the process so far and what lies ahead.

How did Heart People come together?
Ryan Grieve: Rachel and I knew each other through mutual friends and the crew came together one night when I was DJing and Rachel was dancing and we just tried something in the studio. I originally asked her to work with Leo and I on some Canyons stuff but I had some of my own music that fit better, so I guess you could say it began as a fun experimental-side-project sort of thing.

It's really new and fresh.
Ryan Grieve: With Canyons, including the record we put out with DFA, we'd approach people to provide vocals who weren't necessarily in music and we always had really interesting outcomes. We like working with people who don't have preconceived kind of ways of doing things; people who don't follow strict formulas - it's great in terms of spontaneity.

We're excited to be premiering your first track on i-D.co. You've also been working on a bunch of new songs, how's that going?
Rachel Rutt: It's awesome, we've written about nine songs now and each one is a member of the family. From my perspective the songs feel like different parts of a body that are coming together, which are all unique but manage to match up. It's been a really interesting experience, I've never thought about sound like this before, the power of sound. It's really enlightening.

Rachel you do so many different things: you're in demand as a model and your knitwear is coveted...how do you get the balance?
Rachel Rutt: At the moment because we're working really hard on our live show and I'm learning a lot about my voice and the power of my own body in a completely new way, this band is definitely at the forefront but in the long term I'd definitely like to find a balance because everything I've been exploring with textiles has been equally inspiring. They're both a part of my life creatively - I really hope to find the balance.

You've just returned from shooting in the Painted Desert in South Australia with Britt McCamey and the Joy Collective guys, how was it?
Rachel Rutt: The most amazing thing was the atmosphere created by everyone coming together on this adventure. There were so many mishaps and funny things that happened along the way, like the time we ran out of gas 90km from Coober Pedy. We were in transit for 23 hours so really became a team. It was like going to another planet. Converging on the desert with this group of people who helped us achieve our vision and introduce it into the world was so empowering and rewarding. I'm really thankful.

The landscape looked out of this world.
Rachel Rutt: It's magical. We stayed at a super-remote cattle station with nothing around for miles, I'm pretty sure not many have been there before us.

How did that become the location for the shoot?
Nathan and Mike from Joy Collective were just driving around Central Australia for some reason and our song, which was on their mp3 player, randomly happened to come on. They had a vision that this was where the clip had to be shot so we went with it.

It was meant to be. And how was it wearing the tech piece we created for the video? It looks amazing.
Rachel Rutt: It was the maker's intention to create something that had never been done before - an interactive bodysuit that glowed and was part organic and part alien. It responded to my breath via a sensor - it would light up and down as I sang so it was a real extension of my body. It was great against the background of the desert.

I know you've been working on the live shows, can you tell us about that?
Rachel Rutt: We want it to be a very visual experience, also multi-sensory.
Ryan Grieve: We want to keep it simple but punchy and dynamic I guess. We're very visual in terms of the aesthetic and we'll try and make it hypnotic and mesmerising at the same time. We'll really focus on big sounds - simple but very big.

Watch the premiere of Blue Star here and download the track here

Watch the 'Making-Of' the Blue Star music video here


Text Briony Wright
Photography Byron Spencer
Projection by Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro
All garments created by Rachel Rutt and 'Hi Mum I'm Dead'

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