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Ever wonder what life would be like if you escaped to a mountain paradise? Turns out it’s pretty nice.

by Kasumi Borczyk
13 July 2016, 5:49am

All images via @nomadicstore

Growing up in Australia, you're constantly told that if you want to make it in a creative industy you need to move to a big city. But for all the pros of Melbourne and Sydney, there are benefits of looking further abroad. Increasingly groups of like-minded young chillers are escaping the city all together, and finding lush pockets in nature to make life happen.

One such creative is Sally, owner of Nomadic Store. She left busy inner-city Sydney in her wake to open her own business in the Blue Mountains. Thanks to the internet and the area's thriving young art scene, work is great and she gets to spend her time off chasing waterfalls. It sure beats sitting in front of a computer and running for the tram. Her online world is populated by friends and customers wearing her delicate pieces, and offers an insight into what life would be like if you left the city behind. 

Nomadic Store is really defined by your commitment to the environment, was that always part of the plan?
I knew from the start that everything I made needed to be vegan-friendly, so all my cord pieces are either made from cotton or faux-leather and suede. My packaging and business cards are made from recycled products and any plastic included in that is all reused.

Has living in the Blue Mountains deepened your commitment to the environment?
Definitely, even with little things like visiting some of our favourite waterfalls after a weekend and seeing them over-saturated with tourists and all the rubbish they've left everywhere. They have so much disrespect for this land. But hey, as long as they've got their photos right?

It sounds like you have a strong sense of place and connection to your surroundings.
I do! But I must admit it's changed quite significantly since we moved here, even in just a few years which is tough. Lots of new developments are in the works and the population's increasing quite dramatically as more people move out of the city because its becoming so expensive to get by there. It's still a really, really beautiful place to live though.

Many creatives feel like they need to live in the big, artistic cities to be able to "make it." What has your experience been living in the countryside as a creative?
I guess it depends on the type of creative you are. I'm fortunate enough to have my business be online based, which means I can practically live anywhere I want. I can totally understand how some people might find living outside of a big city quite isolating, but I actually enjoy that side to it. I'm naturally quite an introverted person, so having constant social stimulation isn't relaxing or vital for me at all, especially creatively.

That sounds so dreamy. What advice do you have for young creatives who are looking for a change of scenery?
I reckon just go for it, it can definitely be done! A few of my friends are often complaining about how much they despise their urban life and can't wait to get out. Sometimes you've just gotta dive in and make a move you know? And once you move, maybe sign a short lease just in the off-chance it doesn't work out!



Text Kasumi Borczyk
Images via @nomadicstore

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