hello kitty is a youtube vlogger now

The world’s next cgi influencer?

by Gemma Jordine
04 September 2018, 3:57am

Hello Kitty has long been a constant presence in the physical world appearing on clothing, products, in ad campaigns and even getting a museum exhibition dedicated to her — but now Kitty's ramping up her digital presence. Hello Kitty's now followed up on her Snapchat and Instagram accounts by launching a YouTube channel with her first ever vlog.

In her first video Kitty admits that sometimes she Googles herself and has decided to express herself with her own voice through vlogging. "Kitty, the internet is dangerous", Hello Kitty’s manager warned her prior to her vlogging debut. As any feminist icon would, she ignored them and made a YouTube channel.

With the rise of CGI models amping up Balmain’s campaigns and enigma/avatar/Instagram influencer Lil Miquela, can the 44 year old (however, 'eternal third grader' as explained by Sanrio) cartoon girl adapt into the abnormal online world we’ve manufactured ourselves?

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