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the russian sound artist making post-soviet f*ck house for the masses

As we introduce you to the Russian sound artist Machine Woman, get a taste of what awaits you at her appearance at the Berlin Atonal next week.

by Juule Kay
17 August 2018, 9:59am

Image courtesy Machine Woman

"I was born in the USSR. I saw the country becoming something else and I guess that influenced me greatly," says sound artist Anastasia Vtorova, better known by her stage name Machine Woman.

Vtorova calls her music "Post-Soviet Fuck HOUSE". It sits somewhere between spontaneous loops, dark techno and withdrawn synth moves. Her inspirations include heavy metal bands like Slipknot and Korn, but also her everyday environment. Now based in London, the sound artist had been originally studying photographic arts. "I moved to London to study at Westminster Uni, and join more noise bands. But I always wanted to be in full control of my creative output. One late night I was surfing online radio and came across some weird dark techno. Then I guess I sold my soul to techno devil... the rest is herstory.“

What that means exactly -- and how it sounds -- is best listened to yourself. As a taste of what's to come for her appearance at this year's Berlin Atonal, she has put together a dark mix for us that unites Ableton jam sessions and great music legends. Enjoy!

Find out more about Machine Woman's performance at Berlin Atonal here.

This article originally appeared on i-D DE.

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