this hero MP broke the taboo around talking about your period in public

In the House of Commons, no less.

by Roisin Lanigan
29 June 2018, 2:20pm

Picture via BBC Question Time. 

While most people who get periods will, at some point of another, face having to get them at work, it's still generally an undiscussed topic. It's taboo, despite the fact it's, for a lot of us, an unavoidable and inherently natural thing. But thankfully, that taboo is now being, slowly but surely, broken down. MP Danielle Rowley openly announced as being on her period, aptly, in the middle of a parliament debate on period poverty.

Beginning with an apology for being late, the Scottish Labour politician explained that she was currently menstruating, which had cost her £25 so far this week. It lent even greater strength to her argument in the debate, which was discussing whether a successful Scottish parliament scheme which provides free sanitary products to low income women should be extended to the UK.

It also made Parliamentary history.

After her admission Danielle explained: “We know the average cost of a period in the UK over a year is £500. Many women can’t afford this. What is the minister doing to address period poverty?”

On Twitter after the debate Danielle explained that she was having "epic cramps", and was quickly congratulated for her candidness by an army of supporters, with one woman writing: "Well done on raising such an unjust financial gender situation and on breaking a taboo. Huge admiration for you."

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