this diy rihanna body lava is not a good idea

Please don’t lather yourself in oil before going out in the sun.

by Georgie Wright
24 May 2018, 12:18pm

Image via Instagram

Rejoice! Summer is here! Time to slather yourselves with miscellaneous lotions in a frantic attempt to disguise how much we’ve ignored our skin over winter! Ideally, this lotion would be Rihanna’s Body Lava -- a shimmery concoction that turns the wearer into an iridescent being akin to that really cool looking sunbeam snake. But this is proving tricky on two counts: firstly, it’s £59. Secondly, it’s sold out.

Cue: a bunch fans coming up with their own potions to replicate the lava lotion’s effect. This tutorial mixes cinnamon oil with aloe vera gel and highlighter. This one mixes pigment and body lotion. Alternatively you could lube up and roll around in a bathtub of glitter (biodegradable, obviously).

However, there’s one DIY alternative doing the social media rounds that’s cause for concern. Essentially, it’s a highlighter mixed with baby oil, which definitely looks pretty. And while oil does have some beauty benefits -- it can be be incredibly moisturising, and coconut oil is arguably the best eye makeup remover out there -- it’s not so great when it comes to sunning. Lathering up in oil to lie in the sun and you are essentially shallow frying yourself.

It’s no secret that summer brings with it a huge temptation to spend every daylight hour worshipping the sun. We know. We’re British. It can be 6 degrees out and we’ll still don our best arse-grazing shorties at the sight of a single ray. But with skin cancer reportedly increasingly 128% since the early nineties, it’s more crucial than ever to take be sunsmart. Wear a hat. Find a bit of shade. And always, always, to quote Baz Luhrmann's hypothetical commencement speech, “wear sunscreen.”

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