judge judy arbitrated an off-white x air jordan sneaker scam

Watch the no-B.S. judge give her verdict.

by Hannah Ongley
23 May 2018, 3:06pm

Still via YouTube

Judge Judith Sheindlin might not be on the Supreme Court, but she’s still ruling on one of today’s most important issues: sneaker scams. On a recent episode of Judge Judy, everyone’s favorite badass arbitrator lays down a disclaimer — “I have no idea what you’re talking about, absolutely no clue” — before examining some very 2018 evidence.

Apparently the plaintiff, Meadow Jones, paid $8,800 for 14 pairs of OFF-WHITE x Air Jordans, intending to sell the covetable kicks for around $1,000 a pair. And she has the literal receipts. Jones met the defendant — described by Judy as a “wholesaler of things” — at a store called Social Status in Houston, where Jones would drive to on weekends for exclusive drops. Apparently, her boxes arrived empty.

Important details: Judy being shown a photo of the sneakers, as the camera pans in on those famous OFF-WHITE “SHOELACES,” and Judy turning to bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd to ask how much a pair of sneakers weighs. (Evidently Judy doesn’t rock Jordans under her courtroom robes.) Judy also DGAF about a counterclaim filed by the defendant’s girlfriend that Jones accosted her at the couple’s home.

But the defendant also has receipts! He apparently purchased 16 pairs of sneakers from a store called Fly Kicks, and claims he only received $6,500 to send Jones 16 pairs of sneakers. (The sneaker sum inconsistency is never actually debated — maybe he was buying a pair each for himself and his girlfriend?) Unfortunately, he also has mugshots, which Judy sees as the final red flag.

This isn’t the first time streetwear has caused a financial stir in a normally stuffy arena. Supreme recently infiltrated a Paris auction house, trading over $1M in ultra-rare and luxury grails.

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