words of wisdom on getting old from sue kreitzman

There's never a dull moment with artist, writer and Fabulous Fashionista Sue Kreitzman. Age "somewhere between mid-seventies and eternity," Sue is the perfect example of growing old gracefully and in the most fabulous manner possible. Here the London...

by i-D Team and Adam Fletcher
21 August 2014, 3:45pm

Michele Martinoli

I never understood the compulsion to dye the grey (I prefer to call it silver) right out of one's hair. Silver strands, silver swathes, a whole damn' head of silver are absolutely gorgeous. If you dye your hair because you have a yen for pink, purple, or variegated stripes, that is another matter entirely. That is art, darlings: I put it right up there with exquisite tattoos, flamboyant jewellery and over the top clothing. But the silver strands are a gift - accept it gracefully. To remain static is a complete bore.

That brings me to Botox and plastic surgery. Why mummify yourself into a false veneer of vanished youth? Why undergo non-essential and dangerous anaesthesia, only to emerge looking slightly non-human and embalmed before you have actually popped your clogs? Our character, (our life) is in our face - why erase it for a foolish dream of artificial youth? As we travel through time, beauty changes. Old Mister Gravity has his way with us, skin crumples, joints creak. I am here to tell you that it does not matter! Flaunt it, strut it, rejoice that you are alive. Make your journey count, without wasting precious time trying to freeze yourself into artificial stasis.

Here is the truth: I am not really an old lady, just cleverly disguised as one. I am an artist: art, colour, and the excitement of creation keep me young. Interacting with the world, sharing my world view with others, splashing colour everywhere, is the ultimate youth serum. Your passions may not be the same as mine - you will have your own. Cherish them, share them, when they change or expand, encourage them to grow into a mighty force. Wrinkles, creaky joints and the effects of gravity are nothing in the face of the sheer joy of living. Age is irrelevant. Joie de vivre, compassion, creation, sharing, interaction: these things keep your life force flowing, and make the world a better place.

Be bold, be adventurous. Live outside of the box when you can. Make your life amount to something. Stop watching reality television and reading celebrity mags - instead, get out and do profound things. Dazzle yourself and the world. Take care of yourself physically now, so you will have the best old age ever.

Have fun my darlings, make things happen; make the world a better place. Growing older will bring you much joy. 


Text Sue Kreitzman
Photography Michele Martinoli

michele martinoli
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