Digital Soundgirl B.Traits is having a rad summer

If Jigglypuff merged with the Gelfling from The Dark Crystal, mastered radio presenting and spun dance records like an absolute pro, you’d end up with something almost as magic as B.Traits. Currently having the best summer of her life, hopping from...

by Francesca Dunn
08 July 2014, 4:20pm

Photography Francesca Dunn

How're you finding Hideout?
I've been for the past four years and this is definitely the best so far.

How was the Digital Soundboy boat party?
I was a bit worried because it started at 1pm and I didn't know if people were going to show up because everyone was hungover, but it was packed! We had such a good vibe! It was the best Digital Soundboy boat party yet.

And how're you feeling having come here straight from Glastonbury?
I had a big Glastonbury this year - it was full on and I've still not recovered. It was so nice to come here though because the weather is so beautiful. This place is sick because you're literally DJing next to the ocean. When the sun comes up at like 5/6, it's unlike any other festival on the planet.

What was the best set you caught at Glastonbury?
I loved Blondie. I drove up there on Thursday night because I specifically wanted to see Blondie on Friday morning and I got out of my caravan and ran down through the mud to the stage in my pajamas because I was so excited!

You watched Blondie in your pajamas?
I did! I was so surprised how busy it was for a midday set but I made it into the middle of the crowd because Debbie Harry is someone I've looked up to all my life. She's such a strong, powerful female role model so it was really rad to see her for the first time. She was wearing this amazing white Zana Bayne harness too and I'm a huge fan of Zana so that was amazing.

Do you have any festival essentials?
I'm like a super germophobe so I need wipes, sanitiser, tissues, earplugs is a big one for me because obviously protecting your ears is number one. Just the need to be comfortable too. Don't go there in some crazy shit. Wear wellies or comfortable shoes because you wanna be able to go off and have fun and not worry about your stuff. When I went home from Glastonbury I was just covered head to toe in mud thinking 'why did I wear this fancy jacket?! I will never do that again'.

Do you remember the very first festival you ever went to?
It was a festival in my hometown - Nelson in British Columbia - called Shambhala. It's actually a really great festival and I'm going back there in August. I'm going to hang out with my family for a bit and then bring my Dad back to London with me. He's never been before so I'm really excited!

Where will you take him?
Well my Dad likes to party…

Is that where you get it from?
Yeah, I guess so! But nothing I ever do will be as hardcore as the stuff my Dad has done. He's gonna be in town for Notting Hill carnival and I have a residency in Ibiza this year so I'll take him there for a week too… it's gonna be wicked.

What about key festival tracks?
The one I played tonight… sometimes I feel like putting my hands up in the airrrrr. That remix. It's so good! It always gets a reaction!

When did you get your smiley tattoo?
Like two weeks ago!

One night at Glastonbury, i-D's James came back with one on his hand too. Did you have anything to do with that?
Oh yeah! I drew it! Now people keep asking if I have my Sharpie with me.

Why did you get it?
Well the happy face symbol has been such a big thing throughout my whole life in terms of both dance music and rave culture and I always thought it would be wicked to get a palm tattoo. I have this great tattoo artist who's done all my other stuff and he liked the idea so we just did it! I went in and he was like 'don't take any pain killers, don't use any numbing cream on it. It'll hurt really bad and it's the worst place in the world to get a tattoo but just see if you can handle it.' I quite like pain, in a weird way, so it was really cleansing for me. Now whenever I look at it makes me giggle and it's like, you know what? I have a fucking happy face on my palm! Nothing is bad! What I realised this week was that whenever anyone's in my face I can just raise my hand like 'dude…'

B, your lifestyle is pretty hectic. How do you stay so shiny happy healthy?
I don't get much sleep and have to be on the road all the time so it's difficult to eat properly and be healthy. I eat loads of meat and vegetables but two years ago I stopped eating wheat and grains. I'd always get sick before but now I never get sick. Also every morning I make this super smoothie which kind of looks like baby barf but it tastes so good and is so healthy! At first it's a bit weird but you feel so good afterwards and it's changed my life.

So first off, every couple of weeks I'll make these things I call green cubes. I blend spirulina powder (which is disgusting by the way), kale, spinach and whatever other green vegetable I can fit into my nutribullet with some coconut water and make this disgusting liquid green shit and put it in icecube trays and freeze it. Then each morning I'll basically smoothie consists of a bag of frozen berries, a green cube, a scoop of whey isolate, dried coconut, coconut water, coconut milk, some macca powder and chia seeds. I have a strict work out regime so sometimes I put some MCT oil in there to give myself a boost. Then I switch it up and every third day I make a chocolate version by putting cacao powder in it with a chocolate whey isoline and a scoop of macademia nut butter and it ends up like a chocolate milkshake and is so good!


Text and photography Francesca Dunn

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