martine rose autumn/winter 15

Honest and authentic was the attitude at Martine Rose's #beentrill# collaboration.

by Bojana Kozarevic
12 January 2015, 12:20pm

Martine Rose's presentation gave saturday's LC:M adventure a fine finish. A collaboration with #BEENTRILL#, the collection featured the best bits of the Martine Rose archives, research and loves. "It was quite an organic situation, because it started through conversation, as we had been introduced by mutual friends and then saw how much we had in common. And then we slowly started putting together the best bits from everything really."

The best bits include those Martine Rose wide-legged trousers that have defined her silhouette, the leather, wide-shouldered jackets and badges, badges, badges. "The badges are a really unconscious detail, but it's a way I naturally communicate. I was a competitive swimmer as well so it's to do with wearing badges! They also help to carry a message, an attitude", said Rose.

And what of the attitude? "Well, it's an honest and authentic one, maybe a bit street", explained Rose. "I think fashion has to be more authentic than just designers defining what the customer should wear. I think fashion really falls flat when it doesn't feel authentic and real. It's important to have an element of fantasy, but it's important to also have an element that is real and accessible as well. When I think of menswear, when I see a man wearing whatever he wants to wear - that is what I think is the most powerful - when he's honestly wearing it and he's not been dictated to." And Martine Rose isn't dictating but she sure is making us want to live in her real fashion world.


Text Bojana Kozarevic
Photography Mitchell Sams

Martine Rose
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