mademoiselle yulia is a modern barbie girl

Mademoiselle Yulia is the DJ, singer, fashion designer and Harajuku girl with the wicked style. With a Dream House style room just for her collection of Barbies and over 200 dolls, Mlle Yulia has the punkest, pinkest collection we’ve ever seen. Life in...

by Felicity Kinsella
22 January 2014, 8:35pm

mlle yulia by piczo

When did you start collecting Barbies?
When I was child, maybe four years old?

Why did you start collecting them?
Because my mum also collected them.

How many do you own?
Around 200.

What was the first one in your collection?
I don't really remember which one was the first, but my favourite one when I was a child was 'long hair Barbie'.

Which is your favourite now?
It's really hard for me to chose one, but there is a Barbie called Twist 'N Turn which was released at the end of 1960s. Her face is my favourite!

Is there a Barbie you really want but haven't got your hands on yet?
A lot! I collect a lot of reproduced Barbies, but I'd like to collect more vintage Barbies now. I have some but I want more. 

If a Barbie was made based on you, what would it look like?
She must have blue hair! With the Twist 'N Turn face. And she needs to wear some of my favourite designers clothes, with GIZA [Mlle Yulia's own brand] accessories.

Where do you normally source items for your collection?
Online, like Amazon, eBay. Sometimes I go to the shop.

Do you know anyone else with an unusual collection?
My mum. She collects snow globes.



Text Felicity Kinsella
Photography Piczo

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