why is the internet obsessed with cats?

A new exhibition in New York will investigate and, more importantly, screen lols videos of cats.

by Alice Newell-Hanson
23 July 2015, 4:35pm

"How Cats Took Over the Internet" is the title of a necessary and long-overdue exhibition that will open at the Museum of Moving Image in Queens on August 7.

The museum's blurb about the exhibition - a video screening and gallery show - is slim on information. But, to be honest, no one needs to read an in-depth text about cat videos; just show us the cat videos.

That being said, the rise of cats on the web raises fascinating questions about life in the internet age. According to the museum's press release: "Touching on concepts like anthropomorphism, the aesthetics of cuteness, the Bored at Work Network, and the rise of user-generated content, this exhibit takes a critical look at a deceptively frivolous phenomenon." (See also: this TED talk that decrypts the cultural power of Nyan Cat, and specifically why one 3-hour long version has received 4 million views.)

The works on display (lol at calling "Kitten vs. Watermelon" a work) were chosen by Associate Curator of Digital Media Jason Eppink (#literallymydreamjob). The full list of pieces is yet to be announced, but any retrospective that calls itself "How Cats Took Over the Internet" should include seminal contributions to the genre like "Maru and boxes," "Keyboard Cat," and that bored cat that files its nails.



Text Alice Newell-Hanson
Image via YouTube

How Cats Took Over the Internet