​anonymous launch snooper-proof social network

The international hactivists are promoting an encrypted Facebook alternative that cannot be read by corporations and governments.

by Charlotte Gush
17 June 2015, 7:30pm

Unlike Facebook, Minds.com does not want to sell your information and screen space to advertisers. The new, Anonymous-backed social media site doesn't even seek to make a profit; it is open source, so anyone can contribute to the code. All the data is encrypted, so snoopers can't rummage through your messages and uploads.

Corporations can't see how often you've watched that kitten video, whether you're spending rather too long on your ex-girlfriend's profile or how many selfies you've uploaded. And crucially, governments will not be able to see the discussions and plans of activist groups.

"Let us collaborate to help build Minds.com and other open-source, encrypted networks to co-create a top site of the people, by the people and for the people," a statement on the site reads. If you want to be big on Minds, you're going to have to contribute. The site rewards users for interacting with posts, commenting, uploading and voting; and the reward is reach - making your voice heard amongst the people who matter to you.


Photography Pierre

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