slumber session: snasen

Press play and drift away with Snasen's Slumber Session.

by i-D Team
20 November 2014, 5:40pm

Call it ambient, call it techno, call it what you will. Norwegian producer Snasen Makes futuristic avant-guarde music thats as delicate and intricate as it is experimental. Due for release on Sellout! Music, his forthcoming Grok EP is the third offering from the man himself and features three tracks that delve deep into the sonic realms of experimentation all the while maintaing a wholesome sense of atmosphere. This mix is meditation music for the mind. Dive in and dream on.

"I have one recurring dream. It happens in different places and with different characters but the subject is always the same: ZOMBIES! Ever since I saw the first remake of Night of the Living Dead as a teenager, I've had the undead hunt me in my sleep. It often revolves around my loved ones and almost every time I hold a shotgun (THE quintessential zombie mauling device). Even though my family and friends usually get eaten alive or killed in gruesome ways, I always wake up feeling invigorated and happy. I guess popular culture destroyed me after all."

1. Snasen - Sad Spring
2. Christopher Hipgrave - Everything Slowed
3. Biosphere - Dissolving Clouds
4. Us as Effigies - Brown Rhine
5. Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Partocle 1
6. Belong - October Language
7. Arve Henriksen - Ascent
8. A winged Victory for the Sullen - Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears
9. Nest - Far from Land
10. Stars of the Lid - Apreludes (In C Sharp Major)
11. Biosphere / Deathprod - Trasparenza
12. Snasen - Svartdalen #4
13. Deaf Center - Pale Ravine
14. Colleen - Mining in the Rain
15. Loscil - Pressure
16. Nest - Charlotte
17. Chihei Hatakeyama - Alchemy
18. Deathprod - Cloudchamber
19. Snasen - Drone Theme
20. Opsvik & Jennings - Wrong Place Right Time
21. William Basinski - Watermusic
22. Biosphere - Vibratoire
23. Svalastog - Mouse Tracking
24. Chihei Hatakeyama - Bonfire on the Field
25. Alog - Exit Virtuoso
26. Snasen - Sober Lunch
27. Alog - Sleeping Instruments


Text James Hutchins

slumber session