premiere: ivy lab ft roses gabor, 'can't say no'

The trio teams up with Roses Gabor for this hauntingly heavy cut.

by James Hutchins
13 May 2016, 1:59pm

There's no doubt about it, Ivy Lab is on fire at the moment. Gearing up to release the Fortuna EP, following on from 20/20 LDN Volume 1, the EP bridges the gap between this previous and its debut album, and delivers the same 20/20 bassy goodness we're used to now.

Menacing yet playful, the Fortuna EP draws further on the trio's (comprised of producers Stray, Halogenix, and Sabre) broad production pallet and the influence of hip hop and future beats on the group's music. Heavyweight and powerful while still keeping things clean is how Ivy Lab likes to work and i-D is pleased to exclusively share this cut from its new EP featuring the vocal talents of Roses Gabor.

The track is a deep head nodder with eery synth works and a dark bassline, cut through with Gabor's haunting vocals. On the track, the trio explained, "there aren't many singers about that we would prefer to be working with more than Roses Gabor. She's got that perfect balance of having adventure in her lyricism whilst carrying a very accessible lilt. She wants to push the envelope and that feeds back into us wanting to push ourselves further in tackling the unfamiliar." Press play on the weighty sounds of Can't Say No.

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