lfw: thomas tait gets sexy with a window onto the body

The LVMH Prize winner shows his first collection since winning the £300,000 jackpot, and there's nothing like cold hard cash to get the hormones flowing.

by Anders Christian Madsen
16 September 2014, 8:25pm

Photography Piczo

"There were a lot of nipples running around in the studio yesterday," Thomas Tait said after his sexiest show to date, which also marked his first since winning the LVMH Prize and adding €300,000 to his bank account. There's nothing like cold hard cash to get the hormones flowing, but as Tait pointed out, this collection was already entirely planned by the time he won, meaning we're yet to see how he'll spend it.

If the collection felt raunchier than your usual Tait, it was thanks to a generous dose of sensual sheen in silks and satins, and a certain amount of nude, as in the colour as well as the exposure of skin. The latter was executed cleverly in cut-outs and sheer fabrics mixed with solid fabrics creating windows to the body. It hadn't made for an easy collection, Tait admitted, although it looked like he'd had a rave. Electric oranges and yellows stood out like neon lights amongst all the shiny materials, adding a techno-y sentiment to the sex appeal. "There's definitely an LVMH rave happening," Thomas quipped, noting how he loved the skinny leather jacket and skirt look with the orange sunglasses.

So how is life after the Prize, then? "Well, I can pay some bills," he said. "And a few have been paid, which is good. It's nice because it's really broad. They haven't come with an agenda for me to do, so it's nice to feel like you have this pool of resources available to you and they're not forcing you in one direction or another trying to impose anything." Fortunately for Tait, the French were never averse to a rave, let alone sex.



Text Anders Christian Madsen
Photography Piczo

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