women are paying more money than men for the same products


by Tish Weinstock
23 December 2015, 6:20pm

In yet another example of sexist bullshit, a study from the New York Consumer Affairs Board has revealed that women are being charged more money than men for the same products. Yep, that's right, not only are we paid less, objectified more, and cat-called always, we're also having to shell out 7% more moolah than our male counter parts on 42% of everyday items, such as body wash, hair care and razors - which society has tricked us into needing more than men anyway, lest we end up looking like hairy, smelly aliens, doomed to a life alone. "Over the course of a woman's life, the financial impact of these gender-based pricing disparities is significant," explains the study. "In 1994, the State of California studied the issue of gender-based pricing of services and estimated that women effectively paid an annual 'gender tax' of approximately $1,351 for the same services as men... The findings of this study suggest women are paying thousands of dollars more over the course of their lives to purchase similar products as men." Brilliant. 


Photography Worak