Slumber Sessions: Flau

Meandering through his label’s multifarious maze of musically mesmerising releases, Flau’s Yasuhiko Fukuzono aka aus, harvests a mellow mix of tracks to encourage us to recline, unwind and drift off.

by i-D Team and James Hutchins
02 May 2013, 1:45pm


"The tracks I've chosen for this Slumber mix are a sonically diverse array of sounds from flau's catalogue over the past 6 years incl. folktronic, classical, avant-garde, dream pop, microsounds, audio collages and complex beat experiments. Featuring an international cast of artists, I wanted to represent a vast repertoire of work, but still retain the soothing and subtle sound aesthetic that has become synonymous with the label's musical output. I've just returned to Japan from touring Europe and was a little absent-minded when creating the mix due to jetlag. Some people say that sunlight, water, medication, coffee and changing your body temperature can help you beat jetlag. For me it's about relaxing, and there's no better way to relax then by listening to music. In a way, this mix is my way of beating jetlag. It's the perfect mix to unwind to. So slip on your headphones, sit back and wonder off to the ethereal sounds of everblooming cherry blossoms."

Part Timer - Closing the Opera House
Twigs & Yarn - Yuurei
El Fog - Mountain Dub
Cuushe - I Dreamt about Silence
Noah - Dune
Dale Berning - Piano
Novisad - Yappari
Liz Christine - Or Ten Pills at Three O'Clock
Cokiyu - In the Air
Geskia - 1977Ugly/2004IdealCopy
Colophon - First Day Back fro Brooklyn/Fingers Through Your Hair
Orla Wren - Two Note Winter
0 - Sonando 2
Kanazu Tomoyuki - April Torso
IKEBANA - Ikebana (version)
The Boats - The Melody Mosquito
Aus - Urum (The World On Higher Downs Remix)
Christoph Berg - Notturno
Radiosonde - Windcoming
Masayoshi Fujita - Story of Forest
MayMay - If It Remains Light
Madegg - New Heads
SELA. - E Loop


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