looking into madrid's subcultural youth tribes

'Subculturcide' is the new book by Andrea Ferrer which analyzes the urban tribes that have roamed the streets of Madrid in the last decade, and through the work of several photographers aims to show how the internet generation has abandoned prejudice...

by Álvaro Piñero
25 March 2015, 4:52pm

Photography Laura Carrascosa Vela

There was a time when what logo you wore on your shirt, or even what kind of shirt you wore, defined what fashion tribe you were a part of. But in the internet age, the subcultural limits aren't so defined. And though some of the old fashion codes have survived, they've mostly been kept on as museum pieces like relics from a lost age. These days, young people are part of a generation that values diversity like never before.

Fascinated by the underground culture, Spanish editor and art director Andrea Ferrer has created Subculturcide: a photo book formed by the work of several artists that aims to capture the essence of subcultures, or what remains of them, by portraying some of youth living in Madrid, captured in the last 10 years. If anything it demonstrates that the street remains the main reference for many, and the youth, though they might not be so tribal, are still dedicated to shocking and transgressing. 

Photography Bree Zucker

Photography Bree Zucker

Photography Laura Carrascosa Vela

Photography Bree Zucker


Text Álvaro Piñero
Images courtesy Subculturcide

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