​here’s what you missed at coachella's second weekend

Nicki and Yeezy made special appearances and Jaden's still wearing a dress.

by Francesca Dunn
21 April 2015, 12:34pm

It is commonly acknowledged that week two of the LA festival is way calmer, with less drama than the opener. But this past weekend proved people wrong as Palm Springs felt the shudder of a minor earthquake on Saturday night, temperatures soared and an impressive line-up of surprise guests turned up to entertain. As LA native Flying Lotus so aptly tweeted, "Coachella pro tip: weekend two is always better. Less hype. Better sets." Here's what you missed...

1. Having worn a Topshop tunic last week, Jaden Smith earned his fair share of headlines and tweeted "That Moment When Your Wearing A Dress With No Pants And You Swerve Way To Hard". Fully embracing the festival spirit, this past weekend he rocked up to Coachella in a rather fetching floral dress paired with a red rose flower crown. #swoosh

2. One upping week one to the maximum degree, Kanye West crashed The Weeknd's headline set on Saturday night to bring the crowd a fiery All Day, before returning on Sunday to jump on Stromae's Alors On Danse.

3. Drake passed on a second date with Madonna, instead bringing out Nicki Minaj during Truffle Butter for a stage strut and a congratulatory engagement hug. Because despite what the Madge thinks, a stage is no place for a surprise snog.

4. Jack White wowed the crowd with his last electronic set following the announcement that he will shift to acoustic, before dedicating the performance to his late keyboard player. He went on to tell fans to "do everything to tell the people you know and the children you have in the future that music is sacred," before starting a chant and ending with an explosive Seven Nation Army. Music is sacred. Music is sacred. Damn straight.

5. Turn Down For What producer DJ Snake went all out Coachella and brought DMX on to the Sahara tent stage to drive the crowd wild with Ruff Ryders Anthem and Party Up. i-D buddies, Atlanta's finest Rae Sremmurd, also joined, bringing No Type and No Flex Zone to the already epic party.


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