the new racially and sexually diverse emoji have arrived!

Say goodbye to racial homogeneity, the new Emoji keyboard is finally here.

by Felicity Kinsella
09 April 2015, 9:38pm

Gone are the days of exclaiming, "How do black people and tacos feel about the fact that they have no emoji representation, while TRAINS HAVE 12?" because, people with iPhones, Emojis now encompass all races of humankind. The new iOS 8.3 update not only includes improved performance and bug fixes, but a completely redesigned Emoji keyboard that boasts 300 characters, whose racial diversity branches way out from just an Asian man wearing a gua pi mao cap and an Indian man wearing a turban. Now you can be any race whilst wearing a gua pi mao cap or a turban.

All human emojis are now a universal Simpsons shade of yellow, and to get the five different shades of skin tone, you just hold down your preferred emoji. Alongside the new racially diverse emojis, there are also 32 country flags, boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls and families where both parents are either women or men. Lets hope we see the same racial and sexual acceptance continue in the real world…

In case you were wondering there are still two types of camel Emoji, 12 types of train and zero tacos, which @FATJEW is not happy about…

racially diverse emoji