premiere: submerse, no continues kid

Dreamy vibes make up Submerse's No Continues Kid.

by i-D Staff
29 April 2016, 11:45am

Submerse is the UK born Tokyo based beatsmith making some of the most interesting and complex music around. Rob Orme aka Submerse has a distinct style wanders through beats, instrumental hip hop, and broken electronica and his latest album, Awake shows of the producers skills in fine style.

Taken from the album, i-D are pleased to share the deep No Continues Kid. The downtempo track opens up with shimmering pitched down percussion that carries through the track alongside mellow key notes and super light synths. Inspired by his love for video games Submerse explains, "There is an arcade I go in Akihabara to play games called Hey, they have a lot of old cabinets for classic Japanese 'shmups' (Shoot 'em ups). It's pretty fun just to get lost and spend the day playing games… I dunno what it is but there is something cool about being in a smokey late night arcade in Tokyo with a bunch of people who just got off work playing games till the last train. There is a real disorienting feeling you get when you leave and your ears are ringing like crazy because of the collective sound of all the games playing at full volume. I guess i tried to put that feeling into a track."

Out today on Project: Mooncircle, press play on the i-D premiere of No Continues Kid.

Download Awake here and listen back to Submerse's Slumber Session here.

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