victoria beckham shares fashion themed pokemon figures

Gotta style em’ all!

by Tish Weinstock
29 July 2016, 11:30am

The artist formerly known as Posh Spice has turned her ever evolving creativity to the latest craze, Pokémon GO. Taking to Twitter, Victoria Beckham posted a selection of hybrid creatures, part Pokémon, part fashion icon.

There's Karl Lagertales, a mash-up between Karl Lagerfeld and Ninetails, a fox like creature with designer's signature silver pony tail; Charwintour a combo of Charmander and editrix Anna Wintour, equipped with a firery tail, short bob and sunnies (not sure she'd approve of the pearls though - so last season); Suzypuff, Suzy Menkes and Jiggly Puff combined (Who could mistake that iconic pompadour?), and finally Victoria Mekwham - a poshed up version of mythical Mew. How chic!


Text Tish Weinstock
Images via Stylight