video premiere: matt maltese, 'studio 6'

Watch this. It'll break your heart.

by Francesca Dunn
13 April 2016, 12:07pm

"I had this year living in Camden after we broke up, and all I did was work, sleep, drink and think about her," Matt Maltese tells i-D. "I can't help sounding like the broken hearted kid next door, but it was fucking horrible." Piecing together the fading memories of his relationship, he wrote "Studio 6," a mess of specific memories that belong to that person and time -- a time Matt describes as the simplest and most intense he's ever had. "I think going from being in a dependent teenage relationship to living and sleeping on my own was so so strange that I just had to face it and try and document it." He continues. "The songs were my way of talking to her without ever actually talking to her. Kind of like drunk calling someone and reminiscing, but never actually making the call and writing it all down instead."

The beautiful, woozy track was produced by South Londoner Alex Burey, is on Matt's debut EP, In A New Bed, and is a real sway in your lover's arms at the end of the night and shed a secret tear kind of deal. Cinematic to say the least. Talking of which, to create the stunning visuals we're pleased the be premiering today, the young London singer/songwriter teamed up with director Sam Hiscox on a video that follows model Lily Newmark through the streets and under the sheets, seen through the eyes of a lost lover.

"The song spoke to me on many levels and fed my nostalgia of past experiences with lovers and close friends," says the director. "After writing the treatment I started to think who could play the characters and it struck me that I already knew them. Lily is a good friend of mine and I quickly realized she had to play the part as her natural personality traits and idiosyncrasies would complement the role." A seamless collaboration began and all parties became deeply emotionally invested in the project, with Sam adding, "although it was initially intended to be a fictional piece I found it resonated with my reality which is a first time experience for me. I found this terrifying but it also confirmed to me that my heart was truly in the film."

Lily, who is becoming a regular in our favorite music videos -- having worked with Rejjie Snow as well as i-D's Real Lies project -- shares that "It didn't take much rehearsal because the character is essentially just me. I spend my whole life, whether I'm in a romantic relationship or not, longing for something or someone and always trying to fill this void." She admits that during the filming of the last scene, it really hit her. "I had to undress and put on intimate clothing for the bedroom scene and suddenly felt very vulnerable. I knew it was Sam, and I felt and always feel so safe with him, but this beautiful song was playing out the speakers and the lights were dim and I was cold... so I became overwhelmed with emotions that I had been keeping in control for the other scenes. I can't help feeling heartbroken whenever I hear this song." Same, Lily. Same.

 Matt Maltese's debut EP In A New Bed is out on April 22 and available to pre-order here. This week he kicks off a month long residency at the Effra Social in Brixton.


Written & Directed by Sam Hiscox
Lead actor Lily Newmark
'Lovers' Emilie Lynch Williams & Louis Carter
Camera Max Cutting
Produced by India Lee & Sydney Lima 

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