​art hoe collective's amandla stenberg and mars on art and black femme identity

The inspirational women discuss the Art Hoe movement with Brooklyn-based artist Lorna Simpson.

by Lula Ososki
22 July 2016, 12:35pm

The latest in a series of video collaborations released by the Tate, Art Hoe Collective's Amandla Stenberg and Mars spent some time hanging out with Brooklyn-based artist Lorna Simpson to discuss the importance of women of colour in the art world. In the short film, the three inspiring women had a deep and meaningful conversation about the Art Hoe Collective, Lorna's work and it's connection to black femme identity. Mars co-founded Art Hoe alongside Sage Adams and Gabrielle Richardson, who spoke to i-D about cultural appropriation yesterday.

"We realised that the work of people of colour has been institutionally excluded, and so we felt like we wanted to have a space where kids felt comfortable sharing their artwork," Stenberg says of Art Hoe. "It's kind of become this movement of self-acceptance and self-love as artwork." Simpson adds, "Also, freedom of expression."

Lorna Simpson
Amandla stenberg
Art hoe collective