a wes anderson-themed art show is coming to new york

Over 70 artists will pay homage to the director’s distinctive work, from Tenenbaums to tiger sharks.

by Emily Manning
10 July 2015, 8:05pm

Joshua Budich

Wes Anderson's idiosyncratic and colorful works have inspired creativity far beyond the film world in forms as varied as: a video game, a Kanye West crossover Tumblr, a playlist, countless Halloween costumes, and soon, a New York art show.

Martine Johanna

This August, Spoke Art will return with its sixth annual Bad Dads pop-up group show at Chelsea's Joseph Gross Gallery (which is presently exhibiting a series of Alison Mosshart's paintings made with remote control cars.) "Exhibiting a host of different styles and talents, each artist approaches their work with the same meticulous detail that Anderson approaches his," the Anderson show's Facebook page reads. "Drawing upon the stylized world that Anderson has set forth, each artist was free to choose their own film for subject matter, resulting in a spectacular range of character portraits, highly detailed environments and iconic themes and motifs, prominent in each of Anderson's films."

Kemi Mai

With a roster of over 70 artists contributing work ranging from watercolor to wood cutouts, we're looking forward to getting our fill of Zissou beanies, bottle rockets, surly scouts, and four-fingered gloves come August.

Bad Dads VI runs from August 7th - 9th, 2015 at Joseph Gross Gallery. More information here. 

Ivonna Buenrostro

Valentin Fischer

Anna Pan


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