having soundtracked alexander wang fall/winter 16, baauer exclusively shares his pre-show mix

From collaborating with G-Dragon, M.I.A, Novelist and Leikeli47 to enlisting in #WANGSQUAD, Baauer is on fire as he gears up to release his hotly-anticipated new album, 'Aa.' Follow us into his world...

by Francesca Dunn
18 February 2016, 7:00pm

Imagine you've just joined Alex Wang's crew and spring campaign, created the pre-show music that set the scene inside his stunning church location, and premiered a new track during the show itself. The past few days have seen NY-based producer Baauer deliver again and again, culminating in the release of an amazingly powerful video for his new single, "Day Ones," in which Lewisham's finest Novelist and NY masked crusader Leikeli47 find themselves in the middle of a battle between 18th century soldiers in a 21st century car park.

As he cements his place on the #wangsquad alongside the likes of Travis Scott, Anna Ewers, CL, Stella Lucia, Molly Bair, Hanne Gaby, Binx, Alice Glass, Vic Mensa and Makonnen, we are more than pleased to present you with Baauer's aforementioned pre-show mix. "He plays trap and electro dance, but at the same time his music feels earthy and real," Alex says of the producer. "I often play with oppositions in my collections, and with Baauer's music, I am drawn to those oppositions between the synthetic and the organic. It felt right to use it for the fall collection which defies typical definitions of beauty and taste. I was honored that he agreed to create the pre-show music and to premiere a song from his new album Aa during the show." Hit play and read on as Baauer discusses the ever more serious relationship between music and fashion.

How did you end up on the #WANGSQUAD?
Alex and I have been in contact for years now. He first reached out just as a fan of my music, but has since used my songs in his shows and I've performed at multiple AW events. Alex pulls a lot of inspiration from music when it comes to his expertise, which is something I've always respected. Creatively I think our work finds ways of complimenting each other, which is why I think he chose me for the #wangsquad campaign.

What do you think of the fellow members?
It's an incredible collection of people who are all pushing the boundaries in their respective fields, and only further goes to show the pulse Alex has and always has had on what's shaping current culture.

Have you soundtracked a show before?
Never. This was my very first time, and was extremely excited for the opportunity.

How much did you know about Alexander Wang beforehand?
I was aware of the brand of course, but it wasn't until we met that I got to know his amazing taste in music and art.

What references were you working with? Did Alex show you the collection or suggest themes?
A week before the show Alex sent over pictures of the venue space, which depicted this beautifully haunting abandoned church. He said he wanted the vibe to feel dark and slightly apocalyptic as patrons enter the church...almost as if the world has ended and they are the last ones left. From there I sent him ideas for different tracks to use, and thankfully he liked the direction I took it.

Tell us about the score you created and how it represents what people will see on the catwalk?
As the music in the actual show was going to be very intense and in your face, I wanted to create a mix that set the mood and prepared viewers for what they were about to experience.

Why do you think that music and fashion worlds are now more entwined than ever before?
In my opinion the two worlds have always replicated and inspired each other. It's just now that that mutual respect has come out from behind closed doors, and has grown even stronger because of it.

Post FW, what do you have coming up in 2016?
My debut album Aa is out March 18th. It's been years in the making and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm also on tour throughout 2016. 

Further album and tour info available at baauer.com

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