a girl's guide to london fashion week

Which LFW girl tribe are you? Simone Rocha's fierce feminist or Gareth Pugh's feisty warrior?

by Felicity Kinsella
26 February 2015, 9:43pm

As Sky Ferreira sings, "Boys? They're a dime a dozen!" Everyone knows it's girls who run the world, and they were out in droves at London Fashion Week, slinking around Somerset House in their bombshell dresses, sipping Veuve Clicquot and looking like megababes while they waited for the next show to begin. They want to change the world, write the future and have all applied to live on Mars. There were good girls, bad girls, glamazons, Goths, feminists, art freaks, dreamers and a whole load more who won't be put in a box. Read our guide to the girls of LFW below. Which dotted line will you sign your X on?

The Gorgeous Goth Who Look Lesser Mortals Up And Down With Disdain: Ashley Williams
You wear lots of black, have black lipstick and black nails, hate anything cutesy and wouldn't be seen dead (although looking deathly is something you enjoy) hanging out with anyone who is remotely likely to have ever uttered a lyric from a Taylor Swift song to soothe a broken heart. Your heart's made of stone, of course. No boy would ever be stupid enough to break up with you anyway; that would be social suicide. The other girls are kind of scared of you, but like Regina George, they secretly want you to like them.

The Messy Romantic Who Still Looks Hot In The Morning: Marques'Almeida
You're a hopeless romantic. You read books like Just Kids, listen to music by Janis Joplin, paint like Frida Kahlo and even though you've never heard of Corinne Day, you usually look like a hot mess in a designer dress that has just stepped out of one of her photographs. Everyone's your friend and all the boys like you but you're oblivious to everything that's not going on inside your own brilliant mind. You're also one of those few types of girl who look better when they've stayed out all night and slept with their make-up on.

The Patriotic Warrior Who's Fierce 24/7 And Won't Ever Go Quietly: Gareth Pugh
You're a martyr for your principles and won't compromise them for anything or anyone. You're a force to be reckoned with and can convince anyone you encounter that you're right. It helps that you're beautiful too… You're a total know-it-all but that's ok because you really do know it - all. You wear your clothes like armor and don't take crap from no one! Cupid's arrow couldn't pierce that shield unless you decided to lower it yourself.

The Quiet One Who Won't Talk To Anyone But Dresses Loud To Make Up For It: SIBLING
You hang around with lots of girls who dress like you but you're all painfully shy so you don't really talk to each other. Instead you congregate in quiet places like libraries and empty classrooms, and although you keep your head down metaphorically, it's literally impossible because your hair's so big. You don't really have friends and your mum doesn't like what you wear but that's ok because you get the crossword puzzle right every day and can do the alphabet backwards without making any mistakes.

The Firm Feminist With Lots Of Feminist Friends: Simone Rocha
You're an art intellectual; a Louise Bourgeois masterpiece personified. You walk feminine, talk feminine, smile and beguile feminine but god forbid anyone offend your ears with the word "girly". You dress how you do for yourself and no one else. Less aggressive and more subtly explicit, you won't march down the street with the fresh air swirling around your areolas, but you've always got a clever quip up your sleeve for any players who think they're in with a chance.

The Sexy, Street-Smart One You Always Want To Have Your Back: Ashish
You've got confidence on tap and are loyal to the bone. You know exactly what you want, who you want and how to go about getting it, which - whatever it is - you always do because for some reason, people fall at your feet to give it to you. You're the sporty one who never glams down, but can sex up her trackies with shimmering camo, leopard print and hoop earrings. All your mates are equally as fearless and none of you can tolerate anyone with lesser measures of sass.

The Dreamer Whose Imagination Always Runs Away With Her: Ryan Lo
When you were a kid you wanted to be a mermaid, when you grew up you wanted to be an ice queen. The real world could never bruise your imagination because you watch too many movies; you don't know what's the real world and what's a fairytale anymore. You spent your whole life looking for love but won't settle for anyone less than Leonardo DiCaprio 20 years ago. When you realized he didn't exist you let it go, dyed all your pink clothes black and learned to love yourself instead.


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