premiere: devlin ft skepta, 50 grand

Press play on this exclusive new track from Devlin, his first after an 18 month musical hiatus, featuring grime man of the moment Skepta.

by i-D Team
19 March 2015, 2:40pm

Following an 18 month hiatus, Devlin is back with a slew of new material ahead of his fourth studio album, due later in 2015. First up is 50 Grand feat. Skepta and produced by Term & Ratchet. The Eastern inflected banger firmly puts Dagenham's finest back on the map, Dev and Skepta ruminate on riches of the mind, body and soul.

Where have you been and why are you coming back now?
I had to take some time out from music and now it feels right to come back again. I've also been shooting a film called Anti-Social that will be released in May so look out for that!

What inspired the track 50 Grand? 
The track is about MCs that brag about how much money they've got, while there are people out there that are going through hard times.

What are you most excited for in 2015?
Everyone hearing the new music and getting back to where I should be.

Devlin will be headlining the VICE House Party on March 27th.


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