kim petras's halloween ep features german techno and elvira

It's a graveyard smash.

by Diane Paik
02 October 2018, 9:55pm

Screenshot from Petras' Instagram

Kim Petras has got us in the spooky spirit already with her newly dropped Halloween-themed EP, Turn Off The Light Vol. 1 . The rising pop queen had been teasing her socials with portraits of her as a blood-smeared femme fatale, leading us to the blessing of a banging mixtape. The EP even includes a feature with the Queen of Halloween herself, Elvira.

Petras described fourth song on the album, “Turn Off The Light,” to OUT Magazine as being “very like inspired by Britney's Blackout era and “Monster Mash” and yeah, it's spooky music.”

The 8-track EP is a slight departure from her usual bubble gum pop, leaning towards more sinister lyrics like “I'm a demon in the shadows / And you stepped into the dark.” Petras’ German roots come through as the songs lean heavy into techno and house beats with a bass so deadly, it’ll have you dancing to your grave.

If you ever needed a line for self-affirmation, let her lyrics “I’m the greatest God created” from the track “In The Next Life” be it. You can also hear Petras singing a verse in her first language, German.

Petras has delivered the soundtrack to Halloween that’ll keep us dancing at a party and getting lost in the shadows.

We’re hoping goth pop is here to stay, and not just for Halloween.

Listen to the new EP here:

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