Marta Michalak.

a hard house meets acid and techno mix, from polish producer vtss

Before you hit the club tonight, warm up with an hour of pure rave.

by Juule Kay
07 December 2018, 5:22pm

Marta Michalak.

Given just how eclectic both her selections and own productions are, it's pretty hard to define VTSS aka Martyna Maja and her sound. It's like she took the best of techno and shoved it in a blender with industrial, acid, hard house, and EDM. The Berlin-based Polish DJ and producer — who's been on our radar since we witnessed her 2017 gig at Unsound Festival in Krakow — released her super promising debut EP, Self Will, last month.

Thoroughly impressed, we asked the Intrepid Skin affiliate and resident of infamous Warsaw party Brutaz to take a break from her hectic booking schedule to make us a mix. The result is guaranteed to make you increasingly desperate to exchange your work desk for the dance floor.

“The mix was recorded the day before my move out from Warsaw to Berlin," VTSS told i-D over email, "So obviously I’ve been going through some serious life changes. Lately, I’ve been feeling really focused, really intense, and yet I feel an inner peace and highly driven. I think you might be able to hear that in the mix.” Without further ado, we'll leave you to slide into your weekend with this very sick soundtrack.

Track list:

December - Night of Nights
Evil Dust - Yes
Kuldaboli - Trudu þinum eigin audum
Voiron - Let's Voiron (Craigie Knowes)
Effet Rose - Dance for me
Body Beat Ritual - Instinct Primitive (VTSS Remix)
AIROD - Physical Pressure
Unit Moebius - Necroid
Minimum Syndicat - 5400 Degrees
Mas - Elle est borgne
Adam x - Digital eyes
Randomer - Hidden
The Advent - Untitled Lost
VTSS - CET Unlimited
Bjarki - 123 Here 2
Mike Dearborn - Defeat
New Frames - In the Night
Chaotic Ramses - War
VTSS - Versatility
The Horrorist - Flesh is the fever
Cypher - Skyhigh (Rave Creator's Black Gold Mix)

This article originally appeared on i-D DE.

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