my year in photos... by ian kenneth bird

As the end of year lists, think pieces, and hot takes on all things 2017 roll in, we decided to ask our favorite image-makers to paint a picture of their year through photography. This is Ian Kenneth Bird's year in photos.

by i-D Staff
22 December 2017, 8:15am

This article was originally published by i-D UK.
Dan, from an ongoing series of portraits, February
Jack and haggard jacket, March
Meg at home, April
Jamie standing in for Boy George, May
Luke, from an ongoing series of portraits, June
Meg at the top of Cité radieuse, July
Archie at Constantine Bay, August
Archie Zine Spread, September
Lil Peep for The Sounding Off Issue, no. 350, October
Lloyd's skateboard, November
Joe outside his studio, December
Lil Peep
ian kenneth bird
my year in photos
my year in photos 2017