Helmut Newton, Andy Warhol, Paris, 1975

rare helmut newton portraits of andy warhol and gianni versace

'Naked With a Fur Coat' is a massive retrospective of the photographer's iconic celebrity portraits and ultra-rare selfies, opening in New York City tonight.

by Nadja Sayej
25 January 2018, 7:30pm

Helmut Newton, Andy Warhol, Paris, 1975

Helmut Newton was never afraid to take sexy photos. There’s a reason the German fashion photographer was called the “King of Kink.” Today, New York City’s Guy Regal Gallery is opening a massive retrospective of rare Newton photos at 49 Chambers, before sending them uptown for a month-long show at Guy Regal’s Lexington Avenue location. Naked With a Fur Coat features 33 photos tracing Newton’s teen years in Berlin to his most iconic racier work from the 70s to the 90s, including portraits of Andy Warhol, Gianni Versace, and Salvador Dali.

Helmut Newton, Night Nude II, Nice, France, 1985

“This show is a true reflection of Helmut Newton’s personal and artistic journey,” said Regal. “At a time where issues of women’s empowerment and equality in the LGBTQ communities are paramount, what stands out in this collection is how Helmut Newton imbued his subjects with strength, dignity, and power.”

Paris, where Newton lived for decades, makes a sparling backdrop for many of the photos. One shows Paloma Picasso on a dimly-lit street wearing a Karl Lagerfeld dress in 1978, another has Salvador Dali in the famed Hotel Meurice in 1973. There are even some ultra rare selfies from the 80s and a 1994 nude of Gianni Versace perched on a leopard-print couch in Lake Como.

Helmut Newton, Gianni Versace, Lake Como, 1994

Newton helped create the powerful woman figure in fashion photography — and was hugely controversial in the 70s for incorporating BDSM elements. Some of the women in Naked With a Fur Coat wear Yves Saint Laurent pant suits, while others are entirely nude, but all of them epitomize strength. “As the title of one of the images in the show suggests, you find sexiness, luxury, style, vulnerability, and especially women in control of the story,” said Regal. “As you walk through this collection, this power is apparent in each image.”

Helmut Newton, Self-Portrait at Home, 1980
Helmut Newton, Paloma Picasso in a Karl Lagerfeld Dress, Paris, 1975
Helmut Newton, Tom Ford and Dog, Vogue March 1999
Helmut Newton, Salvador Dali in the Hotel Meurice, Paris, 1973

Helmut Newton, X-ray with Chain, French Vogue, Paris, 1994
Helmut Newton, Money in the Trunk, Italy, 1995
Helmut Newton, Model in Trousers for YSL, 1985
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