this cult queer-POC-art-party is coming to the UK for the first time tomorrow

Performance artist Stewart Uoo is bringing his multi-disciplinary art party out of NYC for the first time.

by Felix Petty
14 September 2017, 4:09pm

Performance art, porn, cinema, a party that runs from sunset to sunrise. Not much else you really need from a Friday night. Luckily all that and more (more!) is coming to the ICA tomorrow, for the fifth iteration of artist Stewart Uoo's It's Get Better event. For the first time Stewart's bringing his multi-disciplinary, multi-part event to somewhere outside of New York, and featuring a host of NYC and London's most incredibly talented DJs and artists. And yes, the line-up is literally incredible and amazing and everything you could ever possibly want in a line-up; Larry B, Juliana Huxtable, Nkisi, No Bra, Jacolby Satterwhite, Victor Barragan, Dese Escobar, Marie Karlberg, Morag Keil, Joyce NG and Klein, Ryan Trecartin and Natasha Lall. And that's only half of it. It goes without saying but it will be really great. We caught up for a little chat with Stewart ahead of the event, to whet your appetite.

Hey Stewart, what are you looking forward to most about Friday?
I'm really excited to see everyone perform, I don't know what they have planned.

What are you most nervous about -- especially doing It's Get Better outside NYC for the first time?
Just curious what type of crowd will come since all the participants come from different contexts.

What do you want people to take away from an event like this, which is part-art show, part-party, part-activism?
I'm not sure I would say it's activism exactly. I think it's a good opportunity for people to just submit one's attention and enjoy themselves.

How would you describe that mixture?

Is it weird, do an event like this, that combines those things, within spitting distance of the palace?
I'm uncertain. I always feel foreign no matter where I go.

Your practice as an artist has often overlapped with nightlife, what do you find most exciting and inspiring about that overlap?
I like that it disintegrates boundaries.

Equally, your practice as an artist is often focussed on ideas relating to the body, is It's Get Better a natural overflow of that exploration?
Yes it's about things in real life.

How did you choose who to get to represent the UK side of the line-up?
From suggestions from the other participants and friends, in addition to social media and the team at ICA.

Which art piece are you most excited about?
I'm excited to see everything compliment one another.

Which DJ are you most to hear?
I know they're all amazing at what they do. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone go loco.

It's Get Better is this Friday, 15 September. Doors open 8pm. Performances begin 9pm through the night until 5am. Early arrival and ticket pre-sale recommended, no admission after 2am. Advanced tickets £5 to £7, on the door £10. Book tickets here.

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