Photographer June Canedo’s latest project needs your support

For an independent documentary about Brazilians in America.

by Ryan White
03 August 2020, 4:42pm

Back in March, we spoke to Brazilian-American photographer June Canedo about her first book, Mara Kuya. “I’ve been thinking about this book for years, and it was important for me to take my time making it,” she told us. “The images are shaped by my memories of Brazil and South Carolina, and the intimacy of my home experience.”

Her latest project, Beachhead, is a documentary film that expands on these themes -- namely the hopes and dreams of Brazilians in America. “Beachhead is born out of love for my family and community,” she writes on her website. “The majority of my family members are undocumented and living in states with some of the highest rates of infections in the world. While I started thinking about this documentary in 2018, it has taken priority given the destructive effects of this pandemic on im/migrant communities.”

Using “oral histories, archival footage, and visual storytelling”, June’s film will investigate what makes the ambitions and realities undocumented Brazilians so unique, “and by doing so, amplify the voices and shed light on the stories of a largely undocumented community,” she adds.

But she needs your help. “Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, I felt that [Beachhead] should be funded by individuals who believe in, and understand its importance; rather than a brand partnership or [organisation].” Your donation will help cover the many different costs incurred, as well as compensate those involved in its creation.

Watch the trailer here and follow this link to Beachhead’s Gofundme page.

June Canedo