Netflix have announced The Kissing Booth 3

Just when you thought you’d had your fix – more Jacob Elordi is on the horizon!

by Douglas Greenwood
27 July 2020, 11:49am

Courtesy of Netflix

Imagine you were Beth Reekles, the Welsh author who, at 17, wrote a story about a conflicted high school romance titled The Kissing Booth that, some eight years later, has been developed into one of the most commercially successful titles in Netflix’s history. Yep, that 2018 movie managed to earn the coveted title of being the streaming service’s most rewatched title of the year, and rightfully spawned a sequel that arrived last week. Unsurprisingly, that sequel has topped the charts over the weekend too.

The Kissing Booth follows a high schooler called Elle (played by Joey King), who has a unyielding crush on her best friend Lee's brother Noah (Euphoria star Jacob Elordi). When she sets up a kissing booth at her local carnival, she comes face to face with him and the rest, as you’ll assume, is quite predictable and pleasant. Like the best Netflix Original romantic coming-of-age stories are. The sequel sees Noah, who’s older than Joey, head off to Harvard while she finishes high school, the distance a key factor in how their relationship blossoms.

But with The Kissing Booth 2_’s arrival came news of a new episode. Yep, _The Kissing Booth 3 is set to debut on Netflix in 2021, having been shot back-to-back with the sequel last year.

This time around, Elle is heading to college, and is forced to choose between heading to Berkeley, where her BFF Lee is going, or joining Noah at Harvard. This is a real, high stakes situation, and we’re fully expecting drama and romance when the film arrives next year. In the meantime, why not try and see if we can replicate The Kissing Booth_’s whirlwind success by watching _The Kissing Booth 2 on loop until its arrival? Sound good? Good.

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