Jason Rembert: "My voice is greater when I listen"

The stylist and Aliette NY designer on joy, love, mistakes and responsibility.

by Jason Rembert
21 September 2020, 3:13pm

This story originally appeared in up + rising, a celebration of extraordinary Black voices, and is the first chapter of i-D's 40th anniversary issue (1980-2020).

i-D chronicled over 100 activists and artists, musicians and writers, photographers and creatives, in Atlanta, Baltimore, Minneapolis, LA, London, New York, Paris and Toronto.

“...had time to sit with myself finally. Having to reason with my mind and my body — that it was ok to slow down. This was not easy. Trying not to let the uncertainty of the outside world taint my heart or cloud my purpose. I spent much needed time with my children watching them be so content in a home that I provided gave me a sense of accomplishment and peace. Watching my daughter play, laugh, learn and use her huge imagination brought me back to the lighter days of my childhood and the magic of creativity. 

I have found out more about myself through the stillness. I’m calm. My voice is greater when I listen first.  My reaction is as important, as how I respond. My discernment is my prayer. My mental peace is my health. No person, nor job, nor opportunity can shift that.

I consider me first… why? Why not?

When I’m strong, my team is strong and my family is even stronger. 

I can create happiness, joy and lifestyle for others and now I’m consciously doing it for myself and my loved ones. 

The quest for perfection is no longer the goal. Doing my best with integrity is the vibe. I’ve made mistakes and found the lessons within them. The goal is to remain a student personally and professionally. I find solace in learning and great joy in paying it forward. 

I’m at peace now and I have a new found confidence in myself and my future. I’m responsible. I’m accountable. I respect me. Ive created space for myself and I feel great about my evolution as a man, a father and an artist through it all. 

This feels good.”


Photography Lacey Lennon
Fashion director Carlos Nazario

Hair Ro Morgan at The Wall Group using Design Essentials.
Make-up Jamal Scott at the Teknique Group using Barbara Sturm Cosmetics.
Photography assistance Genesis.
Styling assistance Raymond Gee.
Casting director Samuel Ellis Scheinman for DMCASTING.
Casting assistance Alexandra Antonova.

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