WaterAid showcases 15 young activists fighting to save our planet

Spanning documentary makers, actors, bloggers and authors, the international charity’s Future 15 are the pioneering climate justice voices you need to know.

by i-D Staff
22 January 2021, 3:17pm

Recent years have seen an onslaught of apocalyptic natural disasters around the world – floods, cyclones, storms, wildfires, and 2020 was deemed the joint hottest year on record.

All over the world young people have demanded action against climate change, determined to compel the world to act now to prevent irreversible damage to our environment and safeguard our futures. With documentary makers, actors, authors, bloggers and more on its list, WaterAid’s Future 15 are the young, trailblazing climate change voices you need to know.

Founded 40 years ago, WaterAid has led the fight against the global water crisis, reaching  over 27 million people with clean water. Still, this remains one of the most pressing existential threats we face, with 2 billion people globally lacking access to safely managed water. The climate crisis is only making the situation worse, with extreme weather events such as prolonged droughts, rising sea levels and intense floods further jeopardising existing water sources.

A reliable supply of clean water can help keep people free of deadly illnesses, allowing people to go to school and earn a living. It can also help protect communities from the effects of climate change, helping them endure floods, droughts, and other natural disasters.

WaterAid’s Future on Tap appeal will help transform lives with clean water in climate-vulnerable communities in Ethiopia and around the world. The UK government will match donations made by 4 February 2021, up to £2 million, making double the difference to communities in Ethiopia.

But WaterAid can’t tackle the crisis alone -- we all have a role to play in affecting change. The climate movement has seen the impact of young people’s collective power, with the emergence of young leaders such as Greta Thunberg and other visionaries. That’s why the international charity has launched the Future 15: to shine a light on some of the young activists from around the world pushing the climate conversation forward and elevating marginalised voices through their activism.

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